Frequently Asked Questions

How does the payment work?

You are required to pay for the entire session up front. This helps plan our harvests in the farm. You can pay with check, cash or by credit card.

How do I sign up?

We handle all orders, subscriptions and renewals through our website.  Simply create an account, select your subscription and you pickup/delivery method.  Not comfortable using the website - No problem! Email or call us and we will process the order on the website for you.

What if I need to miss a week?

We understand life gets busy and you may be away. If you will be out of town or otherwise unable to pick up your share at the regular time and location, there are several options:

  1. Ask a Friend for help. Have a friend pick up for you. 
  2. Switch to a different day.
    Log in to the system to change to one of our other regularly scheduled drop locations. We are unable to accommodate last minute changes to share pickups so make sure to do this by 4:00pm the day before your pickup.
  3. Skip a Week
    There is a delivery calendar on the right hand side of your User Dashboard. Click on the date you would like to suspend/put on hold, then press “Hold Delivery” button. If you would like to lift a suspension you previously added you will follow the same steps but the button will say “Get Delivery”. 
  4. Donate to Charity
    When "skipping a week" (see above), you will have the option to donate to a charity.  Oasis Springs Farm will make sure that your share gets to a local food pantry. 

If you miss your regularly scheduled pick up time and have not communicated with us ahead of time, you forfeit that week's share.

What if I forget to tell you or forget a pickup?

We understand! The first time we will contact you and try to make arrangements for a different pickup time or place. We do send out a weekly reminder via email or text.

What if I don’t like something like chard or spicy Microgreens?

While we can’t guarantee what gets harvested each week, everyone can let us know when you sign up things you really like and things you hate and we will work with you. In order to add these requests to your subscription you will sign in to your account then from your dashboard you will click on "change contact info and mailing address" then go to the bottom of the page. There you will find a space labeled "packing notes". It only has to be done once and this “packing note” will follow your recurring subscription.

How does the Weekly Share pickup work?

Arrive at your designated pickup location and follow the "special instructions" included with your reminder email.

Enjoy your produce during the week. We love to see how you use our products! Post pictures to our Facebook page or tag @OasisSpringsFarm on your Instagram photos.

What about holidays?

Shares are delivered as scheduled throughout the season, including holiday weeks unless marked as an off week. If you are planning to be away, please make arrangements for a friend to pick up your share or change to one of our other pickup locations, by logging into the system and making changes prior to the order deadline.

Can I have recurring add-ons?

Yes. Simply change the “delivery frequency” of that add-on, when you are placing the order, to weekly or bi-weekly.

What is the deadline for me to make changes to my order (put on hold, order add-ons, change subscription size etc.)?

Changes to any order can be done online in your User Dashboard up until 4:00pm the day before your next pickup.

Is your produce Organic?

As a hydroponic grower we are not certified organic. However, we do not use any pesticides or chemicals in our growing process. If you are looking for fresh, clean and tasty greens then our hydroponic growing process may be for you.

What is a Farm Vacation?

1-2 weeks a year the farmers take a vacation too and we do not do pick ups that week. We will mark this in the calendar as an off week for everyone and also communicate it out to current subscribers. 

What if I want a Weekly Share every other week?

Sign up for the share you want and then use the calendar to schedule the weeks you want and the weeks you want off. 

What happens if the weather is bad?

We do our best to deliver on time but if we will be late or need to change a day we will email you and post on social media. Most places keep your bag in a fridge so you can pick up later if needed. 

Packaging Reuse

We don't prefer using plastic bags but they really do keep the produce fresher longer. We encourage you to recycle or reuse the bags. We will also take back egg cartons at the farm and Nashua YMCA Pick Up locations. 

Storing Your Greens

It is recommended that you bring the greens to a refrigerator soon after pick up and place them in a plastic container or bag for storage. Lettuce, Kale, Chards and Herbs will be best from 1 ½ - 2 weeks in the Fridge. Microgreens are best eaten 1 week after pick up.